Any project can now submit their project to get listed on A listing allows project tokens to be staked to earn $MCN and $ProjectToken.

You must hold at least 10 MCN tokens to submit a proposal.

Over the past several weeks, MCN Ventures has been hard at work forming partnerships and incubating promising projects. Today, we are delighted to announce the beginning of MCN’s community token distribution via multi-token farming in partnership with xDollar.

Starting on Saturday, July 24 at 20:00 GMT, users can farm MCN…


MCN Ventures is more than just a venture capital. Since its inception, MCN has invited more decentralized partners into the venture and successfully incubated its first project. Now, the real value-building can begin. MCN Ventures will soon become host to a complete cross-chain DeFi ecosystem.


MCN’s General Partners billtheinvestor and…

MCN is the first decentralized KOL venture capital fund. Compared with traditional venture capital funds, it has the following differences:

MCN is currently focusing on early DeFi projects, especially those focused on cross-chain transactions, liquidity, and interactivity. …

Q: When a GP/LP leaves MCN, why does the returned amount only consist of the USDC in the fund’s treasury and not the tokens obtained through investment and held in the GP multi-sig wallet?

A: As a venture capital organization, MCN makes a promise and commitment to support MCN-invested projects…

MCN aims to establish a decentralized venture capital fund, which consists of two types of partners: general partners (GP) and limited partners (LP).

GPs are the major decision-makers of the fund. Together, they decide the overall direction of the fund, the number of LPs and GPs in the fund, the…

MCN Ventures

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