MCN Ventures Model & Roadmap

MCN Ventures
3 min readMay 4, 2021

MCN is the first decentralized KOL venture capital fund. Compared with traditional venture capital funds, it has the following differences:

MCN is currently focusing on early DeFi projects, especially those focused on cross-chain transactions, liquidity, and interactivity. MCN aims to find early-stage, high-quality projects to invest in and help projects design better token models, develop stronger communities, and market and promote their products more effectively.

Unlike the traditional venture capital model where VCs only provide their brand and funds, MCN focuses more on helping high-quality projects acquire funds and users through KOL influence on social media platforms while helping projects optimize the construction of communities. MCN also encourages the integration of invested projects into the MCN ecosystem through MCN’s token model, so that MCN-invested projects can promote mutual development. Since all GPs/LPs of MCN are KOLs or influencers with their own communities, this collaboration can better support the future development of MCN-invested projects.

The MCN community has its own project screening mechanism, which includes looking through the pull requests of, screening via the MCN community project hunting team, and more. After selecting high-quality projects, the MCN project screening team will take the initiative to contact project team members for further cooperation.

Unlike traditional VCs where several partners share the return on investments, MCN distributes the investment profits to both GPs/LPs with equity and community builders without equity who contribute to the development of the community. Sharing the rich benefits of VC investment with more community builders can encourage more people to enter the MCN investment and development ecosystem.

This investment return profit distribution method is realized by simultaneously introducing the DAO equity investment + MCN token issuance model. MCN tokens will be airdropped to all community builders who contribute to the development of the community, and a proportion of the USDC gained from MCN investment will be distributed to holders of DAO shares and holders of MCN tokens. For details of the MCN token model, please refer to our earlier Medium articles.

Traditional VCs are wealth-sharing clubs for a few people, shutting out everyone else. MCN Ventures aims to establish a decentralized VC model in which everyone can participate and achieve maximum growth. Any individual, no matter who you are or where you’re from, no matter your background, nationality or race, can become an important part of MCN through active participation and hard work, sharing some of the greatest investment returns. Major decisions of MCN are made by GPs/LPs through DAO voting, including the appointment of new GPs/LPs and changes to existing GPs/LPs. GPs vote to complete the investment decisions on projects to ensure the MCN fund continues to maximize returns.

Through the early stage joint efforts of the community, MCN has determined its basic business model and has launched the following:
Official website:
Official Twitter:
Medium Chinese:
WeChat group: add WeChat account MCNVENTURES
DAO: 0xe53b041b47e881435435a12c05e859ddc6565eef
MCN safe (2 confirmed GPs have invested 400K USDC): 0x718C8a7167BeB456bBED19d943e600F9D3606a13

The MCN Discord community has approved 55 community builders to participate in community work such as MCN platform development, management, project hunting, coordination, analysis, and promotion. The first batch of LPs will be chosen from existing community members after the completion of the MCN community platform.

MCN development road map:

  • May 1, 2021: MCN website official launch, MCN DAO online, GP funds transferred in.
  • May 30, 2021: First round of community builders promoted to LP with funds transferred in. GP/LP airdrop starts.
  • Before June 15, 2021: First round of airdrops to community builders approved by GP/LP voting.
  • Before June 30, 2021: First project investment completed.
  • Before June 30, 2021: MCN token liquidity mining and trading begins.