MCN Farm Listing Guide

Any project can now submit their project to get listed on A listing allows project tokens to be staked to earn $MCN and $ProjectToken.

Requirements to Submit a Farm Listing Proposal

Benefits of MCN Farm Listing

  • Token buy pressure and price increase
  • 1:1 Reward Matching for MCN Multiple Reward Farm
  • Exclusive listing on
  • Marketing support from MCN key opinion leaders

Tutorial to get your farm listing proposal on MCN

2. Click New Proposal for your project.

3. Fill in the proposal information following the template below:

Title: Integrate Project X into the Farming Ecosystem

Project Description / Why Project Should Be Listed

  • Single choice voting
  • Select Today’s Date and End Date (3 Days of voting)

Choices: Yes / No

4. Wait for MCN holders to vote yes or no. Be sure to announce on social media / in the MCN discord that a vote is ongoing so that MCN holders know to vote.

5. If the proposal passes with majority yes, the project will be prepared for farm listing on ETH mainnet; otherwise, the project may attempt to submit another proposal after a one-month cooldown period.

When your project is listed:

MCN tokens received as farm rewards for projects accepted into the farming ecosystem

A new pool with the project token as the stake token will be created and listed on with MCN (and additional project tokens, if desired) as rewards.

In return, project tokens equal to the USD value of the MCN tokens provided for farming will be added to the MCN pool.

XDO pool (xDollar project listing) on

Additionally, your project will get an exclusive listing under the MCN tab on

xDollar exclusive listing on



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